Let’s hear it for the BAED community, our fastest-growing demographic

BAED community? Who are they?

Bladder and Erectile Dysfunction-marketers think it’s one of our fastest growing demographics

What’s so good about them?

They have houses, pensions, savings-that’s quite a lot of cash to tap

And what do they like to spend it on?

Things that try to bring back things they loved long ago. Motorbikes. Fast cars. Viagra.


Big fast red ones. Ferraris. Jaguars. Porsches. With huge throbbing engines

Hang on, didn’t Freud have something to say about this sort of thing?

Well,  he wasn’t alive in the age of sports cars, but yes, he would have had a lot to say about symbolism.

And what will the market trends be?

As they move forward the trend will be away from the cars and towards things like spectacles, walking sticks, TV remotes with great big buttons, and knee operations

What about IT?

They’ll buy those apps that let you find missing things like keys

Nice things to say

Well, Roxy Music must have been very good in their day.  

Don’t worry-there’s many bases to a stable relationship

Not nice things to say

Why did England get knocked out in the quarter final in 1970? 

I don’t think those yummy mummies are actually interested in you

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