Vaccines-will they bring out the best or the worst in human nature?

Fans of Graham Greene will recall how quickly the marvellous lifesaving discovery of penicillin was quickly exploited by spivs, crooks and racketeers. The very best in human nature was quickly made a playpen for the worst. As we write, the great roll out of vaccines has just begun. So far there is no example of a Harry Lime at work in our midst. But a short supply backed right up against an almost fractal level of demand must carry enormous dangers.

Ian Bremmer of Time (via Apple News) gives us a timely article on the jealousies and nastinesses that could ensue if we are not careful. It’s from an American, nation-level perspective, but waht is true for nations is often true of individuals as well.

What Happens Next as the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts Begin | Time

For the British perspective, Nature trails the Guardian on how the UK \government must struggle to come up with a fair and effective system. We don’t envy them!

Doses of the Pfizer—BioNTech vaccine have begun to arrive in UK hospitals after it received emergency authorization last week. The first shots will be given to people over age 80, starting tomorrow. Care-home residents had been designated as a top priority to receive the jab, but health authorities are still exploring how to distribute the vaccine outside hospitals because it comes in deep-frozen packs containing 975 doses that must be stored at –70 ℃ .The Guardian | 5 min read

And…An Immunologist Writes. Here’s a lovely Q & A piece from the Conversation where Tracy Hussell tries to answer some of the questions which any intelligent person might rightly have.
‘Is it safe to have more than one type of COVID vaccine?’ and other questions answered by an immunologist (

Our Personal view? We want an mRNA based vaccine, because they are new and cool. (literally). When we were young, you were the coolest kid in the class if you were the first one to buy the new T Rex record or have platform brogues. The old attenuated vaccines are so last century! Look it all up in Wikipedia if you don’t believe us. By the way- Wikipedia is the most fantastic source of knowledge for everyone. Here’s how you can donate.

Support Wikipedia – Wikimedia Foundation

We thank Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire for today’s story

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