You’ve heard of Oceans eleven to thirteen. Now get ready for twenty one

The worst abusers are those who deny they’re doing it. After this you won’t be able to deny what you are doing any more. We’re all guilty of this abuse, and we’ll suffer for it if we don’t stop. And what is this abuse? What we are all jointly doing to the world’s beautiful oceans.

The oceans regulate our climate. They produce most of our oxygen. They feed us-or rather they did until we overfished. Now we dump in millions of tonnes of plastic and even more horrible pollutants. Our massive global warming is turning the seas acid, and natural treasures like The Great Barrier Reef are bleaching to death. Our lights and industries disrupt the lives of birds and whales.

The first call on intelligent action is to know your problem. This week The Conversation has launched a series called Oceans 21 which is designed to brief all intelligent citizens and give you a starting point. After that, it’s up to you. But we imagine that a number of you have families who need a future -it’s a pretty basic human right, we think. So once again, we say, don’t read this, read The Conversation and its series below. Oh-and they have some great pictures!

here’s the series sampler

The world’s ocean is bearing the brunt of a changing climate. Explore its past and future in our new series (

even the Pacific is in real trouble-see if you can bear to read this

It might be the world’s biggest ocean, but the mighty Pacific is in peril (

And petty little disputes over fishing rights will seem pointless if there is no fish at all left in the Atlantic

The Atlantic: The driving force behind ocean circulation and our taste for cod (

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