The greatest unsolved mystery of our times

We at LSS are proud to have stumbled across a great unsolved mystery. Perplexing. Irreducible. Unsolvable. Scary. Its not the two sets of data we present, it is the perplexing gap between them. The mystery of the differential human response to a single stimulus, the disease Covid-19, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2.

Data Set One: One group of humans began to research the genetic structure of the virus. Using the most advanced technology and laboratories they began to develop things called vaccines, one at least of which is showing high promise at the time of writing. (Oh yeah-another lot risked their lives caring for all the victims, but we won’t go into that now).

Data Set Two: Another group went to Brighton, England on the eve of the lockdown. We don’t know exactly where in Brighton, or what they did. But at about 22 15 pm a mass brawl broke out among them, requiring the attendance of considerable numbers of Police Officers and no doubt other emergency workers (Oh yeah-perhaps some of these were needed for the Covid-19 pandemic, but we won’t go into that now) There’s a couple of links to news stories for you below, but a considerable number of legal processes will be underway, so we must respect the rules of sub judice. We use the BBC and the Brighton and Hove News.

The Mystery: We at LSS find ourselves at a complete loss to explain this huge gap in response to the same environmental stimulus. We ask you, gentle readers to help us. Already some of your suggestions have rolled in and they include the following:

1 The dispute in Brighton was between different groups of scientists, contesting their different theories of virology and epidemiology (No evidence for that-ed)

2 Some of the attendees at the event in Brighton mistook others for specimens of the virus, and instantly flipped to a “fight or flight response” as describes by pioneering ethologists like Konrad Lorenz. (only natural-but aren’t viruses a bit small?-ed)

3 Someone looked at someone else’s bird in a funny way (how many times have we heard that one?-ed)

Help us, gentle readers? Have we missed something? Is there another explanation for this mystery, which must surely rank among the greatest of all time? What vital piece of information are we lacking which would help us solve it? We await your further responses with anticipation.

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