Climate Change: extremism isn’t the answer, coalitions are

Bertrand Russell once observed that the ones who shout loudest are the ones who have the most inner doubts. They’re covering something up. That’s why we at LSS take the Whig approach to progress. You build reasoned coalitions based on dialogue, and bring as many people with you as you can. Even when there is urgent action to be taken. No, especially when there is urgent action to be taken.

There are signs that something like that is happening in the UK. The Campaign for a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is a genuine attempt to pull together multiparty support for completely new legislation. We ask you to look at the links below, starting you off with their about page.

So far most of the backing is coming from smaller and out-of-power parties, however well intentioned. In England at least you get nothing done without the support of the Conservative Party and its Press. But there are hopeful signs: alongside Labour, SNP and Greens, among other backers is the name Jim Shannon of the DUP. No one has ever accused the DUP of lefty trendy anti capitalism wokeness, to say the least. It seems the organisers of the campaign have found a way to talk to the other side, and that alone compels us at LSS to beg our readers to give them a fair hearing. After all, waht’s the point of being a Conservative if you can’t even conserve a few green fields from some brutalist developer?

We’ll leave you with the words of Jim Shannon “The CEE Bill is a golden opportunity to fix our climate and restore our natural world. I will do all I can to help enact the Bill before COP26. The Bill offers the Government a viable route to tackle the environmental crisis, and I call on the Prime Minister to ensure it passes into law as soon as possible.”

#CEEbill #globalwarming #climatechange #extinction

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