While there’s time to change minds, there’s time for hope

We at LSS have always believed certain things, but sometimes the evidence convinces us that we are wrong. You never know who is going to save your life, so a diverse range of people and beliefs is probably a good thing, like a diverse ecosystem in nature.

So it is with relief that we note that two of the organisations who we believe to have made big mistakes in the past are now changing their minds, in the light of new evidence. Older readers will recall how the Daily Mail were advocates of Andrew Wakefield and his anti-vaccination campaign. We’ve always had a sneaking regard for outsiders with new ideas, but we never thought that the evidence supported Wakefield’s claims. Today in the Mail, Brian Deer gives not only a history of his struggles with Wakefield and his supporters, but also psychological insights into their mindsets. Today we face an avalanche of anti-vaccination messages, mostly around COVID 19. Here’s how they can be countered.*

Rupert Murdoch and the various components of his empire have had their fair share of criticism for harbouring climate change denial. However, there is evidence that things may be changing in the inner councils of Murdochia. Today , the Sun gives space to Sir David Attenborough* and one of his thoughtful, well written pieces on the perils that face us. You may decry, hate or ignore the Sun. But it has a genius to get inside the mindset of Cs Ds and Es, particularly the males ,in a way that all the well meaning Guardian writers in the world cannot. If you want to change anything, it might be better to get them onside, that’s all we can say.

Before anyone pops up to say that Murdoch and the Mail have been got at by the illuminati jewish world conspiracy, or whatever it’s called today, we say this. Murdoch and the Mail are about the two most powerful organisations we have in the UK. No one, and we we mean no one, has the power to intimidate them. So, if you want to argue with us at LSS, at least treat us like adults.



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