Three variations on the gin and tonic for cocktail night

Firstly a big thank you again to all who follow LSS on our multitudinous platforms or directly. A pleasure to deal with civilised minds. Certainly makes a change. An especial thanks to Mrs Margaret Foster of Dorset, who has brought to our attention a marvellously erudite work called Gin Tonica. Forty recipes for Spanish-style gin and tonic cocktails, written by David T Smith and inimitably photographed by Alex Luck.(Ryland Peters and Small 2017) Despite the title, it’s written in English. So without further ado, here are three recipes which you might like to try.

The Autumnal

Very seasonal, as the nights start to draw in, and the yellowed leaves drift softly to the ground.

50ml Darnley’s view spiced Gin 150ml Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic Water fresh cranberries, thin slivers fresh ginger root, rosemary sprigs to garnish at least six big ice cubes

Jensen’s Bermondsey Old Tom

Smith’s revival of a popular nineteenth century brand, as part of the current Gin craze, which we strongly adhere to.

50ml Jensen’s Old Tom Gin 120ml Bermondsey Tonic water six ice cubes rosemary sprig for garnish

James Bond

The famous literary hero drank this in the 1958 book Dr No

50ml Gordons Yellow label 25ml lime juice 150 ml Schweppes Tonic. Serous ice cubes and garnish/float with lime slices

Meanwhile for us poor people……………………. Iceland had a marvellous offer on their special brand gin and tonics at £1.00 a can. We’re going to add a little lemon and lime and ice-and get back to you. Nowhere on the tin does it say you can’t add an extra slug of Gordons!

#ginandtonic #cocktails #fridaynight

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