New Day Weekend on CNN-does what we’re trying to do

We at LSS are not in the business of advertising. But we do look for kindred spirits across the world. People who not only interested in Science, Current Affairs Political Economy and social progress, but who try to deal with these matters in an adult, evidence- based way. So we surf the media of the world, bringing you thoughts from El Pais in Spain, the Daily Mail in England, and now from The USA, CNN. Just Because these are private companies doesn’t make it plugging. Eclectic is our name, and we cherrypick from everywhere.

What we liked on CNN was the perspective of the show New Day Weekend. A thoughtful mix of politics, news, issues and polemics from an American perspective, which makes such a change from our myopic Anglocentric weltenschauung! We thought American news was all violent polemic and deep bias, but here is a channel at once lively, but balanced and fair. The genial anchors are Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul, but we were surprised to learn that the Executive Producer is Fellow-Brit Adam Charlton. Would you adam-and eve it? Is he any relative of football legend Sir Bobby Charlton? Charlton Athletic? Whoever he is, may his team of investigators long continue!

#cnn #newdayweekend #currentaffairs #atlanta

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