Could proportional representation save democracy-or at least free societies?

We at LSS are sometimes depressed by a seeming world- wide trend away from democracy and towards monarchy. Of the world’s three superpowers, Russia, China and The United States, two are already ruled by persons who are monarchs in all but name, and the United States may well go the same way if President Trump is re-elected in November. We suspect that the reasons lie deep in issues such as demographic change, economic inequality and ecological collapse: the storms of emotion unleashed are beyond the power of anyone but autocrats to contain.

However, if democracy is to try to survive, it must address many problems. In the United Kingdom these include deep ethnic and tribal divisions, a bitter unresolved class war, the concentration of media ownership in a few, usually foreign owned hands, and a deep cynicism about the possibilities of reform. Our regular correspondent, the tireless Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire, has always believed that a more efficient system for voting than than First Past the Post must be devised. Here he asks to consider a well-written article from The Independent where radical campaigner Peter Tatchell calls for the UK to adopt a Proportionl Representation system for voting in General Elections.

Confession: we at LSS have always been FPTP guys; it seems as English as Walpole, fine roasts and a good glass of claret. However, the case against is here put with such eloquence that we urge you to read it.

#proportionalrepresentation #firstpastthe post #democracy #monarchy #petertatchell

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