Friday Night: Cocktails and thanks

Before our regular Friday night cocktail feature, we would like to thank ALL of our readers and visitors and followers, be they on the main site, twitter, or Facebook. They are now too numerous to mention individually, so apologies.

On then to cocktail night. Many readers have written in crying “oh Cocktailmeister, you have advised us of music to play with our cocktails. Trouble is, we’ve played it so often that we have worn out the grooves on our Oscar Petersen CD, can’t you recommend something else?” Well, thanks to the kind suggestion of Mrs Hazel Inglese of Berkshire, we now have a strong recommendation. It is the well known Latin musician Tito Puente (1923-2000) and his composition Oye como va.* Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can post a link to it below, you no longer have to listen to us singing it.

Puente was an American of Puerto Rican descent. If you like his work, think of him as a bridge to a whole world of Latin sounds, including rumba, mambo, salsa, cha cha and many others of the hot tropical belt which runs from Peru up all the way up into Florida. That erudite musicologist and composer Howard Goodall waxes lyrical on the rhythmic accomplishments of this genre in his series How Music Works.* Some British readers may recall him as the man who wrote the scores for the stunning BBC historical drama series Blackadder. But a glance at his oeuvre * reveals a lot more.

And the cocktail? Oh yes, the cocktail. We have chosen a Cuban No 2, the recipe for which is taken from Diffords.* We urge all thirsty readers to visit this site, a must-go-to for recipes, background information and anything else you might want to set up a perfect party, cocktail or otherwise. All of it so beautifully presented and designed that it falls easy on the eye and brain.

#howardgoodall #diffords #cocktails #latinmusic

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