Trophy Hunting-time to call it a day

We at LSS have always been mightily impressed by living things. Their complexity, their intricacy, and the beauty of their design. The medieval cathedrals of France are glorious, but not one of them is as precious and complicated as the smallest beetle scurrying up its walls. We flatter ourselves however, that most of our readers would take a dim view of anyone who gratuitously destroyed the cathedral or the insect, just for the fun of it.

It is in this light that we try to understand the mindset of those trophy hunters who set out to kill the breathtaking megafauna of Africa and other places on their holidays. We don’t know anyone who has told us “I’m off to Italy this year to smash up a few Renaissance masterpieces.” Or “we went to Cornwall last year, boy what a mess we left on those beaches!” So went to the websites of companies that offer these safaris, to look at the testimonials of their clients. (We at LSS always want to hear from both sides, and these were their words) Frankly it was all a bit depressing. Nearly all of the pictures were of middle aged to elderly gentlemen posing with their enormous weapons next to the corpse of their vanquished victims. It reminded us of those pictures from wars you see in history books where soldiers pose next to the corpses of dead enemies. Except people like the Vietnamese had guns, and could shoot back. Frankly, it was a waste of time. There was nothing on the level of LSS readers, just endless litanies about themselves and their pleasures. We wonder-is that where they are coming from?

It is the very starting point of LSS that humans are a deeply imperfect species. That learning will never be finished in our lifetime. But also that learned and thoughtful people can achieve something, sometimes. Gladiatorial games were abolished-eventually. So was slavery. And we also know there are many, many other pressing causes. However, if you want to do something to end trophy hunting, get in contact with these organisations

humane society international

one kind planet

born free foundation

#trophyhunting #ecology #endangeredspecies

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