The Cat, the physicist and the Policeman-apparently a true story

We are indebted to the noted educationalist and raconteur Mr David Foley, of Greenford, for the following story, which apparently is true.

One day a German physicist was driving home from his laboratory. Suddenly a Police motorcyclist came alongside and asked him to pull over. He did so, and wound down the window of his car* to ask what the problem was.

“You have a cat in the boot of your car, sir.” said the Police Officer.

” So, what is the problem?” he asked of the Officer.

“The problem is, that it is dead, sir.” said the Officer

“How do you know it’s dead? It was alright when I put it in there”

“Well, it is now, Professor Schrodinger”

*We know that this is a true story because of the authentic detail about winding the window down. If it had been faked later, the creator would have mentioned electric windows. Schrodinger lived long before electric windows

#schrodingerscat #cat #police #quantum physics

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