After the coronavirus, could antibiotic resistant bacteria be our next problem?

Before the Covid19 pandemic, many of us were worried about the possibility of at least one, perhaps more, superbacteria that were resistant to all known antibiotics. Far from going away, this possibility has actually been brought nearer. Because as patients who suffer from Covid19 develop secondary infections, we burn through our stock of effective antibiotics even more quickly. One of the prime aims of LSS is to get out of the way, and let people who know take over. One such group is Antibiotics Research UK, a charity, which was founded by Professor Colin Garner.

And so we link to their website. It is packed with information, including special features on coronaviruses. And it shows how you can help. If you have a family, or know someone who needs surgery, or has cancer, antibiotics protect all of them. Please consider them very seriously indeed

#antibiotics #coronavirus #covid19 #antibioticresearchuk

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