Friday Night: The 30 best bars in the world?

Ok, you’ve got the clothes, you’ve got the style and the look (see LSS passim) But where on earth can you go to actually drink all these lovely cocktails? After all, we can’t wear Brooks Brothers in the Dog and Duck, they’ll think we’re in fancy dress or something. Well, as we always say, if you’re in a a bother about where to find a drink, ask a journalist. These people just know where the nearest boozer is-they have a sort of mystic instinct. We’ve watched them sense a pub unseen in a strange town, and describe it down to the last sports screen before we even got there. Not kidding.

Which is why we place high faith in the words of Krisanne Fordham of CNN. For she has compiled a list of 30 (count ’em-30!) of the worlds’ top hotel bars. [1] And there are some real highlights here, gentle readers. Find out about the Connaught, London. For swanky exclusivity, this joint has always been hard to beat. Or you could channel your inner gaucho at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires. And there’s 28 others scattered across the globe, all proclaiming their excellent decor, quality service and a complete absence of Riff-Raff. What’s not to like?

Before we go, a health warning. This article was published in 2015 before Mr Putin decided to appanage Ukraine to his empire, so there’s a couple of Russian gaffs in here. Might be wiser to avoid them just for a while. However, we at LSS have no quarrel with the Russian people, never have had. And we feel certain they will return to the comity of civilised cocktail bars one day, when Mr Putin realises what a terrible mistake he has made and pulls his troops home. That day the drinks will definitely be on him.


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