Friday Night: Homage to Alice Lascelles of the Financial Times

No, we’ve never met Alice Lascelles. Bit out of our league professionally, and, we suspect, intellectually. After all she works for the Financial Times, goddammit. Even the readers of that are bit nifty with the old grey matter, so what must the writers be like? But we do recognise a kindred spirit when we encounter one. Someone who can kick over the traces a bit on a Friday night. And end their week with a stylish sophisticated cocktail.

And she clearly knows something about her brief. This week, Alice regales us with her encyclopaedic knowledge of the blue cocktail family. Which according to her, are the in thing. All the rage. Cool. It, darling. Which makes it imperative that we hand over to her as soon as possible, which you can do by clicking on the link below.[1] Read it gentle readers, to discover delights as jigglers, Pow3r Juice, Eyes of Ibad and the Caribbean blue. Stylish venues such as Milady’s in SoHo. The Cabinet in East Village and the Library by the Sea Bar. And luminaries such as Julie Reiner, Milo Occhipinti and John deBary. It all sounds a long way from a pint and a punch up in the Dog and Duck, doesn’t it?

But that’s what you get from the FT, gentle readers. Quality. We’ve waxed lyrical about staffers Simon Kuper and Camilla Cavendish in the past. Now Alice joins the great pantheon of writers from “the pink ‘un“, as its known to insiders, in receiving our full and unqualified endorsement. And remember this: a blue cocktail for a blue day is all we need, to paraphrase the immortal Nick Heyward. Happy Friday!


#alice lascelles #cocktails #blue curacao

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