Another thank you to all readers

Once again, a thank you to all readers and contributors this month. We’ve had quite a few new ones in both categories this last few weeks or so, and it’s becoming quite a little community of shared ideas.

We’re still here mainly to promote the cause of more medical research in general, and antibiotics in particular. But people like things varied, or so they tell us. And anyway, aren’t the things that caused the lack of antibiotics in the first place all related? Most of our problems come from short sightedness, greed and lack of education. For example; what might have happened if all the money spent on the Ukraine conflict had been ploughed into cancer research. Dare we hope that is more than a platitude?

So once again, welcome to everyone new, and thanks to our old readers on things like Facebook and and linked in, and we’ll try to stay with you a while longer!



and a note of thanks to all those funny little people down in research, accounts, HR, transport, production, security, catering and the rest. Sorry once again there is no bonus for anyone except the Board this year. Laws of economics!

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