Friday Night Guest Cocktails: the Mudslide

Today it is not without considerable pride that we introduce a cocktail from sophisticated London woman-about-town  Eileen Smith Despite the ever pressing cares of a career  in business administration, Eileen has taken time out to share her wisdom on how to relax at the end of a busy long week. It’s name? The MUDSLIDE. We haven’t covered too many chocolate-y ones, so we hope this gives a fresh take for you too, gentle readers.


50g dark chocolate


60ml coffee liqueur

60ml baileys

100ml double cream

Where did you drink it:?Production village, Cricklewood

Why was the cocktail good? Creamy, rich and has a kick

What was going on around you?

Enjoying a cocktail with friends, lots of other parties enjoying them too – good music on what looked like a film set

Who else likes this?

Anyone with good taste!

Final thoughts:

If you want a quick alternative that is simpler try the mudchute – 50ml baileys to 50ml vodka over ice, it  too has a kick, is not too sweet and  is easier to make.

LSS Says: thanks Eileen, definitely one to check out. We hope that you and all our readers have a good weekend. In fact, to quote Winston Spencer Leonard Churchill: “Let us go forward together!”

#friday night cocktails #mudslide #chocolate #baileys

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