Honey and antibiotics? An unlikely combination! Or is it?

A while ago we published a piece suggesting that ants might harbour some interesting surprises in the hunt for new antibiotic substances. (LSS 23 5 22) Now it seems that their stripey cousins, bees, could yet come to our rescue as well. Incredible as it seems, honey may have antibiotic properties. Researchers led by Professor Les Baillie at the University of Cardiff are now actively investigating this possibility. And about time too, we say, because the situation is becoming so bad we welcome any initiative, however far-fetched it might seem at first glance. So we’ve got two reports wherein you can read more, one from the BBC and one from the Independent. [1] [2]

The relationship between humans and honey dates back thousands of years. People were probably robbing bee hives in the Paleolithic. For a long while, the relationship between us and our buzzing chums was largely in equilibrium. Starting a few decades ago, this changed, to the infinite detriment of the bees. Across the world, hedges have been ripped out. Wild meadows built over. Enormous quantities of toxins have been sprayed across immeasurable acres of land-and have sunk in to stay. This has had a devastating effect on bee populations. If you want a few facts, have a look at this link to Friends of the Earth [3] And all in the slapdash, neurotic search for ever higher production targets, output and numbers. Ironic indeed if the attempt to create wealth ends up destroying long term value. We suppose it’s an easy mistake to make for the sort of people who confuse money with wealth.

Yes, we’re antibiotics buffs on this blog. But we suspect the we’re not the only ones who suspect that the natural world and the things in it are a treasure trove of real wealth, on a scale that Ali Baba and his business associates could not begin to imagine. Time to start thinking intelligently about it. Or is that too much to ask?


[2] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/honey-antibiotics-infections-bacteria-scientists-b2317687.html

[3] https://friendsoftheearth.uk/nature/what-are-causes-bee-decline

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