Immigration: If you read one thing today, it must be Larry Elliott

Identity is the central driver of politics. Which is why the agonising passions unleashed by high levels of immigration are so destructive. The attempt to preserve identities, and their attendant hierarchies, runs like wild floods through the body politic, tearing down all rationality and all hopeful reason. Closing off any roads to dealing with things like climate change, health and education. The solutions to which would allow all of us to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Some months ago this blog ran a series on immigration, its causes and possible solutions. But we admit-we are one tiny little blog. Our voice is small, our reach miniscule-although our thanks to our valued readers is without limits. That’s why it’s so important when someone much bigger comes along and visits our arguments with the statistics and clear writing that only a fully employed professional can bring. That someone is Larry Elliott of the Guardian. We’ve sampled him before here a lot. But if you want a level headed, rational analysis of why population migrations occur, this is it.

And we must try to understand, gentle readers for without understanding we shall do nothing effective about it. And if this problem goes unsolved, our lives will be bleak indeed. At best we shall come to live in ethnic silo states, like the Boers, Ulster Protestants and similar groups in history. Ever defensive, ever on guard, bereft of reason and true learning. Or die in wars like those in Lebanon, Israel and parts of Africa, where bloody ethnic war is the raison d’etre of those already doomed societies.

You have a busy day ahead, with many no doubt pressing assignments. But please take time out to read this. And think.

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