Friday Night: How Prosecco conquered the world

If you went back in a time machine to 2003, you would find yourself in very strange place. Quite different from our current one. Imagine if you had stepped out of your time machine and said “I wonder if Saddam really has nuclear weapons?”People would have looked at you very strangely. If you had then said “This here economic boom, guvnor-I wonder if it will last?” they would have looked at you even more strangely. And if you had said “I’d like a glass of Prosecco, please” they might have carted you off to an institution. Because no one had ever heard of the stuff. Yet fast forward to 2009, and the modern world had been born in all its ghastly familiarity. American policy in the Middle East had collapsed in sanguinary catastrophe. The economy had crashed, and has never really recovered. And the yellow bubbly stuff is all around us, from hen nights to summer cocktail parties, as ubiquitous as i-phones, and much easier to use. So how did a humble, obscure wine from a corner of Italy go to world domination on an almost googlish scale? It’s an interesting question, because it raises all sorts of questions about marketing, advertising, money and fashions. We can’t answer it. But once again we bring you the opinions of people who know quite a lot about the matter.

For Per and Britt Karlsonn of Forbes it was all about deft name changes which supercharged the DOC, while at the same time shutting out the competition What’s in a name? Everything, say they:

Olivia Blair of The Independent put it down to Gap analysis. Champagne was just too dear, and Cava and other sparklers of the 1980s were looking just, well, a little tired by 2010.

It’s a woman thing Like all generalisations this needs to be treated with caution: but our subjective impression is that one’s introduction to the marque tended to come from a female companion, be it wife, colleague, sister or lover. Clearly they couldn’t be all at once, we hasten to add! Bell Italia takes on this theme in their analysis of the phenomenon

Prosecco Spumante: the 5 reasons of its global success

We think the intellectual problems of everyday life-marketing, brand acceptance, fashion, and so on-are every bit as intriguing as the recondite discoveries of people like quantum physicists or genetics folk. Certainly they need just as much brain power, and a lot more emotional intelligence. So as you relax tonight with your glass of prosecco, or prosecco cocktail, please pause. And look at at it before you knock it back. Because you are holding something very interesting indeed.

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