Afghanistan: Taleban shows need for a new word in English

We at LSS have always been interested in words. Where they come from. What they mean. How different people can string them together in different ways to achieve different effects. Poets. Philosophers. Scientists. Doctors. Teachers, that sort of thing. So it’s a problem for us when we feel a word is lacking. That none of the words in the current lexicon can quite describe or convey a phenomenon which we have observed, newly, and wish to classify.

And what is the phenomenon? Well recently, the new Taleban administration in Afghanistan has abolished education for women. Yes, you read it correctly, they have really and truly done it. Here’s a couple of links to describe what they’ve done [1] [2], and we’re sure you’ll find more as you drill down.

So what’s this new word going to look like? Well it has to be an adjective, that’s for sure. And, as soon as it is heard or read it must convey several qualities. What qualities? Stupidity of the densest possible quality. Ignorance. Blind stubborn obstinacy. An utterly egoistical refusal to think. A weird pervy sort of misogyny. Short-sightedness. Economic illiteracy. Cruelty. Coining such a term is clearly going to be quite a task.

Could we suggest Talibanesque for starters?



#taleban #afghanistan #education #feminism #women #unicef #unesco

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