Weekly Round-up: CRISPR, rainforests, evolution and Robbie Williams

Stories that caught our eye

CRISPR marches on    We try to bring you as much as we can of really -cutting edge stuff. And nothing is more so than CRISPR, which we’ve showcased here for some time  Here’s another update from Nature Briefings Genome Editing Beyond CRISPR babies

The Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing kicks off in London on Monday. The last summit, in 2018, convened on the day after biophysicist He Jiankui announced that he had edited the genomes of three embryos, resulting in the birth of the ‘CRISPR babies’ — and ultimately landing him in prison for three years. Researchers aren’t expecting similar revelations to shake this year’s proceedings, as there is broad consensus in the field that the technology is not ready for use in human embryos. Other ethical quandaries, such as how genome-editing therapies — the first of which could be approved later this year — could be made broadly accessible, will be up for discussion.Nature | 5 min read

Don’t give up on the rainforests You might think that Destructors are having it their own way. Not so, at least not entirely, as this heartening news from Indonesia shows Thanks to P Seymour


Devonian was best   We’ve always had a weakness for the word Devonian. Not only because it was generally warm and sunny, and a crucial turning point in the evolution of life, but also because it evokes a nice scenic coastline, cream teas, peaceful cows and fine beaches. The Conversation riffs on the first part, anyway

Robbie was the best Of what, or who? Well, we can’t answer that without legal representation, so we’ll leave you to guess. But evidence for our theory appears in this early solo effort. Take that, ye detractors!


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