Nature Portfolios: the go-to must for real antibiotics professionals

We set up LSS as antibiotics blog. Because we think that the growing shortage of antibiotics presents a clear and present danger to us all, at least equal to nuclear weapons or global warming. And to create a site to showcase the latest stories, ideas, other therapies, trends and so on. If we cover other things, like climate change or womens’ rights, it’s because we think all progressive causes are  intertwined, and progress in any one of them should help our own idée fixe, antibiotic resistance. Plus no one wants to read about the same thing all the time. But it’s still an antibiotics blog.

Most of our themes come from the media. Those indefatigable journalists slaving away at institutions as diverse as the BBC, the Daily Mail, El País and a host of others who make the whole thing interesting and give us hope.  Our aim is simple:  relay their efforts, to keep the general reader up to speed.

But there’s another community who come across us: students and researchers in the field who want real time information on the latest published papers, pre prints and raw data. And, by George, Higgins, we think we have found it: Nature Portfolio [1]  A marvellous clearing house of everything you need to know which should be a jumping-off point for every serious practitioner in the field. And clearly written and edited by top-gun professionals and journalists, making their stuff about as reliable as you’ll find anywhere.( Declaration: No, we don’t get any money, credit or anything- we don’t even know these people. Disinterest is our middle name, as our most loyal readers will know)

So if you’re a pro in the field and have stumbled across us by chance, Nature Portfolio should make a profitable next port of call. And good luck with everything.

[1] Antibiotics – Latest research and news | Nature

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