Is Covid-19 the nail in the coffin for antibiotics?

Antibiotics don’t work against viruses. SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid 19 is a virus. So why prescribe antibiotics for it? Duh!

Except people in a hurry, scared people, people desperate for closure to their problems will put enormous pressure on doctors to do something. We know of cases where doctors and other health professionals have been threatened, abused, their surgeries damaged, all for trying to avoid prescribing antibiotics to angry, frightened members of the public. The results? Another body blow to medicine as resistance rises, and the diseases which can be treated by antibiotics become ever more deadly.[1] As this piece from the Conversation shows.

Most of the problems of the world are caused by these same angry, ignorant sorts who want a solution. They listen to conspiracy theories of all types. The swarm in the consulting rooms of quack medics, nutritionists and other types. They are grist to the mill of all kinds of politicians and popular newspapers and websites whose stock in trade is angry emotion, not calm reason.  And sometimes the results can actually be measured, whether in medical statistics or  investment and trade figures, as for example in the United Kingdom. Or shooting victims in the USA.

LSS was started to help counter the problem of antimicrobial resistance. But it wasn’t long before we discovered the cause was more widespread, and more damaging. We thank you for continuing with us.

#antibiotics #populism

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