A Big Thank you for February-and is this blog number 800?

February is a wonderful time up here in the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Yes, it’s still cold, but the skies are bright for longer and the “cold, goblin spring of the crocuses” as Kurt Vonnegut [1] would have it, is already upon us.

It’s been a busy time here at LSS. Lots of likes from regulars, quite a lot of sign-ups, and the odd comment, which we more than welcome. There’s also the strong possibility that this is our eight hundredth blog! We’ll check that after we press the “send” button. We do chronicle the odd bad thing here;after all, there’s a lot of them about. But we also do a of of good stuff. January was full of hopeful stories on antibiotics progress, ending in fact with two strong ones back to back. It’s nice to see such movement on our original raison d’etre. Which shows, moreover-if we keep on plugging research, and the education that supports it, things can only get better.

[1]Kurt Vonnegut The Sirens of Titan 1959

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