Weekly Round Up: Predictions, Essays, Conspiracies, Bees

interesting items from a week of news

Saw it coming? Did Exxon Mobile know all along about climate change? Could they, should they, have said “hey, guys-there might be a problem here!” a little more loudly? Try this from the BBC


Write me a thousand word essay.….ever since the dawn of time, schoolchildren everywhere have groaned beneath the burden of those dread words. Even when they took you for a day out at the Natural History Museum or Sandown Races, the teachers at our school could not resist spoiling everything with that baleful command. Now comes a machine which ends all that drudgery. We say: what’s not to like? The Guardian is a little more nuanced, however:


Conspiracy Antidote? It’s not what people say they believe. it’s the deep psychological reasons about why they try to believe it that is the problem. A truth George Orwell realised more than eighty years ago. The Conversation has ideas about how we might start to tackle this major problem of out time.


Bee aware No bees equals no pollination equals no crops equals starvation. It’s as stark as that. Now at least there is some hope that humanity is paying attention to the plight of our buzzing friends,to whom we have done so much to harm. Here’s Nature, First Vaccine for Bees

The world’s first honeybee vaccine has been approved in the United States. It prevents American foulbrood, a highly contagious bacterial disease that reduces larvae to brown goo. The vaccine contains a dead version of the bacteria, and is incorporated into the royal jelly that worker bees feed to the queen. The queen deposits the vaccine in her ovaries, which gives the developing larvae immunity.The New York Times | 5 min read

Medical Disputes As the UK is racked by disputes between Government and medical unions, we thought that Mr Rishi Sunak might like this one from Robert Palmer, before he and they go into the negotiations, or get round the table, or whatever it’s called. “doctor, doctor, give me the news” the PM might well say

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