How much do you drink? A quiz for Friday Night

We’re interrupting the production line of cocktail recipes this week to bring you something we saw on safe usage.Because we at LSS believe that alcohol is wonderful stuff, if it’s managed responsibly. And this little piece will help you to find where that point lies. What with Christmas approaching, office party season upon us and all that, it’s probably high time to do so. Well, Joe Davies and Victoria Allen of the Mail have a lovely piece which gives you all the advice you need to enjoy the festive season and still avoid a hangover.

According to the authors most people make two mistakes. They underestimate the size and number of units an any given drink, They also underestimate how many units they take in every week. In the UK that is now only fourteen for men and women. Nothing like the world we remember from our youth! So there’s an excellent quiz to see how much you know.

And which countries are the worst offenders? Surprisingly, it’s not the Brits, which may surprise anyone who has more than a passing acqaintance with the town of Magaluf in Mallorca. It seems that countries such as Latvia and certain other east European countries enjoy a tipple more. Anyway the league table will show your national standing.

Finally-do you have a problem, or does someone that you know? They include a rule-of-thumb but handy little guide to keep you safe and on the straight and narrow, this Christmas and every Christmas. Now go and enjoy all those parties, Normal service will resume next week.

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