Streptococcus outbreak shows antibiotics are more important than ever

We don’t know about you, gentle readers of foreign lands, but here in the UK we’re witnessing an uptick in Streptococcus A infections. And this is worrying. It’s already killed six children and has hospitalised more. Why? Who? Where What? and all those other questions they try to teach you on management training courses. Michelle Roberts has a good go at answering these for the BBC [1]. But since her article, it’s got worse, and the Prime Minister is now involved as Kevin Rawlinson explains in the Guardian.

There are two things that worry us a little. Firstly, although this bacterium is normally benign, it can cause some truly terrifying cases, as you’ll see if you click on our links. We note particularly the iGAS syndrome, which is what happens when it gets behind your immune defences.

But what concerns us most of all here is the following sentence. which we confess to have lifted lock, stock and barrel from Michelle’s article

“……..strep A is treated with antibiotics”

Except when it isn’t. Because as well-established readers of this little blog will know, there won’t be any antibiotics soon, unless we really and truly pull our fingers out. And anyway, what if a new antibiotic resistant form evolves? The rate at which humanity is squandering its current antibiotic reserves suggests that day will be sooner rather and later. So how many children will die then?



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2 thoughts on “Streptococcus outbreak shows antibiotics are more important than ever

  1. I think there are additional significant contributary factors to the current serious strep’ outbreak : the effect of COVID distancing – children have not had a chance to build up their resistance to common bugs; many doctors are still not doing face to face consultations so serious infections are not being picked up early enough by general practice; hospitals are under so much pressure they can not admit as many children as they would like and there are delays to get seen in A&E even for urgent cases; many children are now malnourished and good nutritions is essential to support the immune system. Prevention is much better than cure.

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