You will be a minority one day

One thing about evolution-it keeps happening. However inconvenient that may seem to some who lead comfortable lives. Up to know, LSS has tended to emphasise what happened in the past. Slime moulds, Dinosaurs, Fox News viewers, that sort of thing. But what will our evolution look like in the future? Anders Sandberg, writing in the Conversation offers some fascinating clues. [1]

He thinks our future belongs to cyborgs- human machine hybrids, running on AI computer implants. With physical and mental powers far beyond those of Homo sapiens. While the planet itself can be returned to the wild, its devastated ecological and meteorological systems painfully rebuilt. And maybe even some of the mess cleared up, we pray?

And what of actual flesh and blood humans? Chances are that a few may survive as “holdouts”, a bit like the Amish or other groups on reservations, preserved by the tolerance of the more advanced societies around them. True minorities. And maybe that’s no bad thing. Maybe we should all learn a little humility right now.

#evolution #AI #robotics #cyborg #terminator #replicant

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