Friday Night Cocktails: England v USA

Well, the talking and the build-up are nearly over. In less than two hours from writing this, the teams will walk out and we will see how special the Special Relationship really is. (Most Americans have never heard of it). So-how does a cocktail column cope with such an important clash of the nations? By recourse to that first-rate website Tasteatlas, of course. They have provided us with handy lists of the ten most popular English Cocktails, and the ten most popular American ones. What is more, every entry has a picture, a brief history and handy instructions on how to make one.

If you’re watching the match in England, they recommend that you mix up from one of the following: Corpse Reviver, Pink Gin, Tom Collins, Black Velvet, Boilermaker, Bramble, Vesper, Espresso Martini, Gimlet and the Black and Tan. [1]

But if you tune in from the USA, you could try: Zombie, Screwdriver, Moscow Mule, Mai Tai, Sex On the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Tequila Sunrise, Piña Colada, Old-Fashioned, and Bloody Mary [2]

Whatever you choose, we wish football fans everywhere an enjoyable evening (afternoon in the United States) and may the best team win, as they say in the true sporting spirit.

But before we go, a brief note on terminology. The word “football” means just that-football. The clue’s in the name. You use your feet. There is a trend in some parts of America to use the word “soccer”. We’ve never heard it used, and we doubt that anyone in the rest of the world has either. Meanwhile Americans use the word to describe a curious “sport” which would be better termed “Rugby with hats”. Why anyone would wear a hat to play rugby is beyond our powers of explanation. It’s like that other game we saw one night in Santa Barbara-Cricket with no stumps.

The things some people do!



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