Friday Night: Two-Shot Cocktails for a discrete hip flask

Today’s little blog is a hymn of praise to that often overlooked but still vital apparatus of civilised equipment-the hip flask. It has got us through countless ceremonies-weddings, funerals, business meetings, family reunions, sporting and cultural events, hospital visits-where the congenial presence of alcohol is either frowned upon or forbidden altogether. A good, elegant hip flask is not only easily bought or swiped but can be concealed in any number of places where the prying eyes of the sanctimonious cannot reach. Once there, its contents may be enjoyed quickly, or even shared with like-minded souls. And so much easier to carry than a crate of beer!

Yet a problem remains-how to reconcile the shape and form of the hip flask with the complex, and usually icy, user requirements of the cocktail bar? What’s the point of creating an elaborate Singapore Sling and putting in your hip flask, only to find that the ice melts, the fizz goes out of the water and none of your companions like it? After much thought, we felt that you can have a classic cocktail in a hip flask, provided the following criteria are met:

1 It must only contain two ingredients

2 It cannot depend on the presence of ice, fruit juices or any other complications for its success

Therefore, the following suggestions seem entirely apposite

The Manhattan In a nice ratio of one part of sweet vermouth to 3 of bourbon, this simple little classic can be scaled up quickly to flasks of any size. It’s so simple that it will pass most discerning palates, making it easy to pass and swallow among any congenial group

Dry Martini the ratio is much the same as above, except dry martini and gin take the old 1,3 ratio for scaling. Another quick score,which never tastes offside.

Le Mans 1 measure Cointreau 1 vodka don’t use Russian vodka, obviously!

Pink Gin Its basically gin with a few drops of angostura bitters, topped with however much water you want. As it comes from Naval origins, its ideal for regattas, Cowes week and things like that.

Rusty Nail Scotch and Drambuie in the measures of two to one. Ideal for the drier parts of the Highlands and other places where they’re always tossing the caber.

Well, there’s a few starters-but we are sure that the more creative among you will soon come up with even more delicious and satisfying variations. Enjoy, and let the lemon faced miseries and religious fanatics enjoy their own fallacious delusion that they have snuffed a little enjoyment from the world

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