Friday Night Cocktails: Three from our staff

From the Editorial Board

Learning Science and Society is more than just another office block near East Croydon Station. It’s a thriving, industrious community, all working away happily in our different roles. At the top, there’s those of us on the Board. Alright, our offices may be just a tiny bit larger, our catering a little more finely tuned, our salaries a tad higher, and so on. Yet that is more than compensated for by the heavy load of responsibilities we bear, the burdens, as t’were, of higher office. And we never forget that underneath us lies the busy world of admin, HR, editorial, security, IT, cleaning and maintenance, and all the other departments whose names we cannot entirely recall at this moment. However, we’re sure they’re all hard at it, (all those cameras aren’t just for security) and once again we regret that this year’s pay settlement was a little skewed towards the higher grades, but those are market forces, and that’s the way it is.

So, to recognise the enormous contributions of all our staff, we have invited them to suggest their favourite cocktails for this week’s column, and the board itself has chosen the best three contributions, which will be mixed for us at this year’s Editorial Board Christmas Lunch. We know the employees will be grateful for this, and for the egalitarian company ethos which thereby implied. Thus, without further ado, we present:

The Club To a mixing glass add four ice cubes, 1 measure of Irish Whiskey and i1teaspoon of grenadine. Flick in 2 dashes of angosturas, and stir. Decant to a cocktail glass, minus ice and decorate with a lemon rind and a cocktail cherry.

Burnt Orange Put four ice cubes intoa mixing glass and add the juice of half a Valencian Orange. Add three drops of angostura, and three measures of finest French Cognac. Stir, stain to a chilled cocktail glass and decorate with a slice of orange

Gin Tropical To shaker, add 6 cubes of ice, 2 measures of gin, 1 measure orange juice, 1 measure lemon juice and 1 measure of passion fruit juice. Shake ’em ’til you break ’em, and strain to a tumbler. You can top this with plain cold fizzy water, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll kill the flavours Decorate with an orange slice.

And so we will toast our employees, thank them for these suggestions and another year of labour, and hope to offer a similar scheme next year.

#cocktails #industrial relations #christmas lunch

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