Friday Night: Cocktails from the Movies

If ever two art forms were born together, grew and mutually nurtured, it was the movies and cocktails. Seen as a cultural trope, they were children of the interwar period from 1919-1939. Both evoke the world of stylish glamour captured best in the art deco buildings of Manhattan, as Fred and Ginger danced from peak to peak across the concrete towers and chasms of that mighty metropolis. Since when both Film and Cocktails have sat together in many great era-defining moments.

So it’s only fitting that this week we dedicate our little blog to some of the great movie cocktail moments. And before you all shout “Bond!”, a warning. Yes, the stylish spy is in there, but our researchers have uncovered many other great moments from the silver screen across not one, but two excellent sites![1] [2] Among the highlights you’ll find the White Russian (The Big Lebowski) the Orange Whip (The Blues Brothers) a French 75(Casablanca) a Vesper Martini (Casino Royale) and a humble glass of Chardonnay (Briget Jones’ Diary) If you’ve got any of these films, now might be the night to put them on, crack out your mixers, and wolf one down at the exact same moment as the actors in the film do. (how do they do all the takes without the actors getting drunk?-it’s a permanent mystery to us)

And our own favourite, sadly not on the lists. It’s superb stylemeister Cary Grant, chatting up Eva Marie Saint in North by North West. [3] Sadly the clip we’ve clipped does not contain Grant’s classic reply to the waiter “Yezz pleaz, a Gibson.” But it’s firmly on the table in this elegant railway scene,and looks far better than a can of Special Brew. How travel has gone down since those days!




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