Iranian women-the struggle goes on

For sheer courage, and the hope of the world, nothing is so admirable as the struggle of Iranian women against their malevolent and tyrannical regime. Braving tear gas, clubbings, live rounds and hundreds of deaths and injuries, they daily fight everyone’s fight against bigotry and oppression. And for what? So that each may choose whether or not to wear a simple headcovering, the hijab. They are certainly not trying to ban the garment. But the mere fact they demand this choice is enough to send the misanthropic brutes at the summit of the Iranian regime into paroxysms of fury and violence.

Today will simply provide you with a useful summary of the women’s cause, by Nifoofar Hooman of the Conversation, looking at the balance of forces on each side and where we are today.

And our thoughts? The ancient fools who run Iran are looking for blood in too many places. Just as they supply Russian tyrant Putin with more means to pursue his genocide in Ukraine, they face massive opposition at home. “The hour of destiny has struck upon the clock.”

#iran #womens rights

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