Friday Night Cocktails: Some autumn Recipes

One of the worst memories of being young is of going back to school in the autumn. The sadness made all the more acute by the recollection of the recent golden hours of summer liberty- so close, and now so cruelly snatched! A mass of unwanted homework, fellow pupils and teachers descended on one, and the long hours of drudgery began again. Mathematics. French. Physics. Grammar. English. Which of course included poetry, which the more sadistic teachers would use as a gleeful token of one’s subjection by choosing ones with autumnal themes and tropes. As if autumn (“fall” if you’re reading this in America) wasn’t bad enough already without the likes of Keats, Shakespeare, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Frost and a whole host of others expounding at length on falling leaves, mists, life’s passing, forests, and anything else that caught their eye as they gazed vacantly from their bedroom windows in West Hampstead, West Bromwich, East LA, or wherever.

Fortunately, childhood is something you grow out of, and you are free again to spend your leisure time as you choose. By going down the pub for example. Or in our case, gentle readers, the Cocktail Bar. And suddenly autumn can be a pleasure again. Especially if you choose from the rather extensive list of really juicy cocktails which our researchers (give ’em another dollar-ed) have lined up for you.

For they have unearthed a rather delightful site called She Keeps a Lovely Home, where a lady named Genevieve waxes lyrical about such delights as the Constant Comment Hot Toddy, The white Pumpkin, The Morticia Adams and lots more. So, as the nights draw in and the frost starts to sparkle on your lawn and car windows, why not let these expert mixologists guide you to a Friday night of autumnal delight, and forget the miseries of a wasted youth?

#autumn #fall #cocktails

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