Friday Night: Cocktails from New York

If any city was the capital of the world, well New York was from 1916 to 2016. No city has captured that vibe of freedom, energy, sophistication, wealth, exuberance-and sleaze, fake and violence as well as the cluster of boroughs on the Hudson River. None in the last one hundred years has inspired so many unforgettable songs, books, films and moments, from the Wall Street Crash to the triumphant return of the Apollo 11 astronauts in a blizzard of tape on Broadway. It hasn’t really happened until it’s happened in New York, they say. And until very recently, this was true.

Anyone who has sat in the bar of one of the bigger Manhattan hotels knows they are drinking in the fons et origio of the cocktail, and all it represents. Most of us have indeed taken away happy memories of such nights, although the company is not always quite as congenial as an English Village Pub. But, whatever happens now to New York, let’s pay a tribute by looking at seven of the very best cocktails from that glorious city, and happy times spent therein.

Our guide this week is a lovely site called secret NYC. (we looked this up: it means New York City-geddit?) There’s a lovely menu of places to go and things to see. But, gentle readers_ this is a cocktail column, so put on your best Brooks Brothers shirt, download Rhapsody in Blue and try to mix and drink a selection of the following, with reference to the site for precise mixicological details[1]

The Manhattan we guessed this might be on there. So did you, probably.

The Brooklyn well with a name like that it’s not going to be from Droitwich Spa, is it? Another whisky based one

New York Lemonade Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There seem to be plenty of things like vodka and Gran Marnier to give it that oomph so beloved of us cocktail drinkers

Staten Island Ferry We sailed on this ship many decades ago. The washroom cubicles had no doors. Oh well.

New York Sour a fruity sophistication for the jaded imbiber

Queens Cocktail Isn’t that where all those Goodfellas and Wiseguys were supposed to hang out? Better drink this one with respect, OK?


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