Calling the Shots for Friday Night Cocktails

Cocktail shots were one of those marvellous developments of the nineteen eighties, a bit like Pot Noodles. Fast, quick to take effect, and above all easy to make, thereby massively enhancing the quality of life. So today our researchers have come up with the easy route to cocktail success- two and three ingredient ultra shorts which will get you going anywhere from Magaluf to Middlesborough.

We have pause here to make a nod to today’s site link. Love to know is a marvellous compendium of fun advice on people, pets, homes and gardens, beauty, travel and hobbies. They sound like a civilised bunch!

So click on their site to learn of The Forest Fire Shot (scotch and pine syrup) The Cinnamon toast shot (some unusual de Kuypers in there, people) the Apple Jack (did they once have a number one hit back in the day?) and lots, lots more.

#cocktails #shots

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