The naughty little ads that muddied the waters on climate change

Oh, those naughty boys (and girls) at the Big Oil Companies! According to some authors, such as Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes,[1] companies such as Exxon, BP and many, many others have been running advertising campaigns which were, it is alleged, less than entirely fair and balanced on the rather dangerous problem of climate change. Who would have thought it?

Well, we at LSS would rather that you made up your minds for yourselves, gentle readers. Fortunately, the authors have provided a library of old ads, so you can judge for yourselves.(“the forgotten ads which told us climate change was nothing”)

It was certainly an eye opener for us! Up to now we have always viewed big oil companies as paragons of integrity, at the cutting edge of truth and progress, interested only in the betterment of mankind and the creation of a bright shiny new future. And now, in the editorial offices of LSS, a tiny worm of doubt has crept into our minds! And to quote Nick Nolte from Mulholland Falls “here’s what I want you to do”

A read the article, linked at [1] below

B Have a look at this report on the Tobacco industry. Do you notice any similarities or differences? [2]



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