Friday Night Cocktails: A coconut theme

You may have youthful memories of hurling stones at the nuts in the shy at some long-ago fairground. But the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera)[1] has a far more illustrious potential than that. For not only is the basis of many great cocktails, as we shall see. But it is also a member of the wider palm family (Arecaceae) [2] which has given us such useful products as dates, carnauba wax, rattan, palm oil, Palm Sunday, sago dyestuffs and any number of decorative trees for our gardens and public spaces. And has been doing so since at least Biblical times.

So what better way to salute this most generous tree, or group of trees, than to raise a glass to it based on its own products. Our researchers have visited that eminent site A Couple Cooks [3] to once again bring you a marvellous choice of recipes and pictures, far better we confess than anything we could produce ourselves at LSS Visit it now via the click below. All we can do is select a couple of classics which will grace any tropical holiday, or warm summer garden.

The Piña Colada A juicy mix of pineapple, rum and coconut cream with lashings of cooling ice. It’s been the subject of more than one popular song, and an instant recognition drink all the way from Santa Barbara to Benidorm.

Creamy Coconut Margarita Coconut cream, tequila, lime juice and triple sec. A must for any cartel of cocktail thirsty chums coming round to your place tonight!

Coconut Martini Short and simple, like a comment piece in The Sun. The authors closely associate it with their Margarita (above) but compare the recipes for yourself. Why not even try to make one?

Well, there’s our tip for the night. We are off now to enjoy one of our own. We do hope this little blog is the start of a good weekend for you all.




#coconut #palm #cocktails

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