Friday Night Cocktails: Pineapples, Delicious Drinks and an intriguing mystery

“The nights are getting warm”, to quote Thin Lizzy. No fruit captures the gathering tropical vibe so well as the pineapple for the basis of a really refreshing cocktail. [1]. According to Wikipedia:

The pineapple[2][3] (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with an edible fruit; it is the most economically significant plant in the family Bromeliaceae.[4] The pineapple is indigenous to South America, where it has been cultivated for many centuries. The introduction of the pineapple to Europe in the 17th century made it a significant cultural icon of luxury. Since the 1820s, pineapple has been commercially grown in greenhouses and many tropical plantations.

Well, you can drink the juice raw- we guess it’s probably pretty good for you in moderation. But how much more creative to mix it with a few extra ingredients, such as rum for example, to make a really sophisticated cocktail which you can enjoy beside summerhouse or pool! We’ve got three for you this week, all based upon The Ultimate Cocktail Book by Hamlyn.[2] Followed by an intriguing mystery upon which you may wish to speculate as you sip one of the recipes below

The Piña Colada You knew this would be in there, didn’t you? Always a great standby. Hamlyn tell us to take a generous quantity of cracked ice, 1 measure of white rum, 2 measures of coconut cream and 2 of pineapple juice. Shake in a mixer and pour, con hielo, into a large glass and decorate with cherry, orange slice and a large chunk of pineapple. Try not to drop the latter down your best Dorothy Perkins cocktail frock, ladies!

Planter’s Cocktail No problems with that tricky Spanish ñ, ladies and gentleman. The pineapple here acts as chunky fruit to give some extra welly and annoy the posh people at the next table as you scoff it after the drink. Into your favourite shaker add four large ice cubes, 1 measure of dark rum, 1/2 measure orange juice, 1/2 lemon juice 2 dashes of the old Angostura bitters and a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Shake until that shaker’s got a frost like Lake Lagoda and pour into a long glass. Super decoration basically involves as many chunks of pineapple, banana and orange spirals you can squeeze in/around. How’s that for tropical?

Havana Zombie “havana-vana-vana-vana. With Rihanna” or something like that goes the old song. It may be one of the last holdouts for Communism, but they sure know how to mix a cocktail for all those bourgeoise tourists who bring in the foreign exchange! Take 4-5 ice cubes , the juice of a single lime, 5 tablespoonsful of pineapple juice , 1 teaspoon of sugar syrup, 1 measure of white rum, one of golden rum (we think Captain Morgan do one) and one measure of dark rum. This time put into a mixing glass, and stir, don’t shake. Now pour into a real glass. The rum blends are quite intriguing if you get it right, and aren’t too drunk to taste properly any more.

And now a pineapple mystery: Anyone with a little cultural education will know that the ruins of Pompeii, the old Roman town in Southern Italy represent one of our best insights into everyday life in the Graeco-Roman world. So it is intriguing to see a picture from there which appears to depict a pineapple! Be advised: the pineapple is strictly a new world fruit and so before Columbus could not in any way have appeared in the Mediterranean. Is there an outside chance of trade contacts across the vast Atlantic in Roman times? Although the likely answer is no, look at the link we have provided, and as ever, judge for yourselves.[3] The Roman section, obviously!

Have a good weekend.


[2] The Ultimate Cocktail Book Hamlyn 2002


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