Scottish Independence: Give the whole UK a vote

We don’t know if overseas readers have noticed, but these islands have recently seen a resurgence in the question of a new Scottish Independence Referendum.[1] Scots First Minister, and avowed nationalist Nicola Sturgeon has determined to apply to the UK High Court to see if such a transcendental step is legally possible.

And transcendental it will be, at least for the people of the UK. Imagine if it is successful: borders will be set up. Armed forces, health services, broadcasters, entirely broken up and redistributed. Who gets to keep the Nuclear Deterrence force? The National Debt? All those funny little islands in far off places like the British Virgin Islands.?

Advocates of Independence say it’s all about national self determination, in this case for Scotland. But there is another nation that has a right to determine its future: the United Kingdom. Do the people of the United Kingdom want to see these profound changes? What do the people of Wales think, or care, about a hard border between England and Scotland? But surely they have a right to vote too. The principle of every nation voting on its future is an important one: if it is right for Scotland, then it is right for the UK too.


#scotland #england #northern ireland #wales #independence #referendum #nationalism #united kingdom

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