Friday Night Cocktails: Sparkling Rose

Until about 1989 we always thought that sparkling wines were yellow and rose ones were still. Apart from Mateus Rose, of course, but that didn’t really count, did it? So we remember the sight of our first pink champagne style bubbly with something of the same emotion we had that night(it was in Stratford on Avon) “Wow! Do they really make that stuff?” Since when Sparkling Roses have gone from strength to strength in our cellar, and indeed the cellars of all the Board of Directors and Senior Managers here at LSS. Meanwhile, we ploughed on with the still ones too-from dry Provences to fruity Californians, all perfect for warm summer evenings.

But did you know that you can make cocktails from them too? To help you to an evening of creative joy, our researchers, bless ’em, have come up with this marvellous list of cocktails which you can make, ever so easily, using the sparkling pink stuff. Read it to find out about The French 75, Granita, St Germain and many more. Happy Drinking!

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