Friday Night Cocktails: putting you in the pitcher

Now, as the sun approaches its zenith in the northern skies , what better way for us sophisticates and all-round cognoscenti to relax and enjoy a fine long cocktail on warm summer evenings? And what better way to do it than invite friends and neighbours for a long cool pitcher, or jug, of some favourite tincture? A sturdy jug crammed with fruits and ice, its sides beady cold, makes such a fine addition to a well-trimmed lawn and immaculate flowerbeds. And once again, our researchers have come up with so many that all we can do is to pick the highlights of the highlights, as t’were, and give you some more leads for you to check out for your self.

The cocktail department of the BBC Good Food Website can call on some of the very finest brainpower from some really cutting-edge researchers. Here are a few of their finest:

Pimms– Shakespeare eat your heart out. Because nothing evokes the greening swards and summer skies of an English summer so much as a tasty drop of the ol’ No1. We’ve done it before, but that just proves how good it is. The BBC give us a basic, one with basil, another with Pomegranate………….go click for your self

Sangria– For our Iberian chums, who are not only avid readers of this little blog, but know that the Spanish have been knocking this stuff back ever since El Cid captured Valencia. For many elderly Brits of the BEA-Viscount Generation, it was the first hint that a drink could be more refreshing than Brown Ale with a plate of whelks.

Long Island Iced Tea A true louche rendolence of the age of F Scott Fitzgerald and all those wild parties of the Jazz age. Be warned-this is a strong one and you could end up feeling like you’re under concrete before you’ve even met a real gangster.

Here’s your BBC link:

If you are frightened because you think Rupert Murdoch will find out if you have visited the BBC, here are some other websites which our researchers rate as well

(note to researchers-OK you can go home , this is finished. Be here all the earlier tomorrow morning, and get me a mcdonalds and fries from the one by Croydon East station Delete pre publication -ed)

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