Friday Night Cocktails: The Two-Hit quickies

Imagine that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II suddenly shows up at your home, right now. (can you say for sure it won’t happen?) How are you going to entertain her? Because surely someone like that deserves a drink, don’t they? Be warned: the Queen doesn’t travel lightly. There’s her personal entourage-ladies in waiting, servants, equerries, silver sticks, you name ’em. All her security-policemen, plainclothes, soldiers, helicopters overhead, the whole kit and caboodle. To say nothing of the press pack and photographers. That’s a lot of thirsty people. You gotta work fast. And you might run out of ingredients!

Stop worrying, for help is at hand. The two-hit quickie cocktail. So fast to prepare, so economical on ingredients, so easy to understand that even readers of the Sun can make these ones. A group of drinks which, as it serendipitously turns out, contains some of the very finest classics to hit a bar top from San Francisco to Singapore. Our researchers have come up with three fantastic sites for you today. So many recipes in fact, that all we can do is pick out some of the highlights. So here goes , and the links are below. (thanks researchers, you can go now-we’ll see you over at The Porter in ten minutes.) For the record two ingredients means the main ones-we don’t count simple additions like ice, waters or decorations, without which they’re not cocktails but just booze.

Gin and Tonic: So obvious, so cool, so simple. Why didn’t we think of at earlier?

Martini: sophisticated blend of gin and a dash of dry vermouth. What is your pleasure, Mr Bond?

Manhattan: More sophisticated adult fun-just a vermouth variation on the above, really.

Pink Gin: For nautical types: no doubt: the Royal Yacht club could whip one of these up quicker than it takes to rent a new buoy.

Gibson: From that immortal moment on the train in North By North-West where Cary Grant and Eve Marie Saint are on that train and he slips one in before dinner

Rusty Nail: Drambuie and scotch, the kind of strong one Boris Johnson resorts to after a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon. Not during lockdown of course

And now here come lots more. Our three fantastic sites for you to click are Taste of Home, tps:// ttps:// and foodfor net More power to their excellent researchers, mixologists and writers, we say !

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