A Big Thank you, and apologies for a temporary Silence

Thanks to all readers and contributors home and abroad, who are now becoming too numerous to mention by name. Starting from today the Editorial Board will be entering into an intense period of work which will carry us far from the old computer. We’ll be passing briefly through Washington*, engaged in extensive horticulture and participating in retail business at the highest level. Meanwhile all our staff-transport, HR, finance, security, IT, engineering, catering, cleaning and property services, and all the others whose names and roles we have forgotten, but you see them in the lifts and that, have been granted the weekend off to celebrate Her Majesty’s Jubilee in the proper feudal spirit. Which means no Cocktail Night, no Round-Up and no other posts and blogs and links which you have all come to love so much

So whatever you are doing and wheresoever you may be enjoy a happy weekend and we look forward to being back next week


*and many other places on the A24 such as Horsham and Dorking

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