Real Hope on Fusion

We break our Tuesday silence to offer our readers genuine hope. One of the best ways to finally deal with global warming would be to finally develop nuclear fusion. That crashing-together of protons which could unleash unlimited cheap, clean energy. So for all you parents and grandparents, today is a simple showcase from Bostam Videmsjek of CNN.[1] It’s not just because it sums up the latest progress rather well. There’s also an easy to read guide as to what nuclear fusion is, and how it differs from the rather dangerous fission reactors which we have been using up until now. If it works, your kids will have a great future.

Once again it illustrates a deeper point. Real hope, real progress comes when educated intelligent people solve technical problems. You can wave all the flags and sing all the songs you like. But only Science is the Real Deal.

we thank Mr Gary Herbert of Buckinghamshire for this story

#fusion #fission #global warming #energy #climate change

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