Friday Cocktails: The Minimalist Baker on Cucumber Coolers

What distinguishes the sophisticated drinker from the lush? The narrative you weave around your tipple. Any thug can tip gallons of booze down their throat. Minimalist savouring is for the cognoscenti. Which is why we like the Minimalist Baker website. Because they tell the story of the drink. [1] Read their take on the cucumber cooler. Not just how to make it, but how it fitted in to a perfect night out in Wichita, which we suppose to be a misspelling for Wiltshire.

That’s style. That’s sophistication. Above all, it’s alarmingly prescient. Because if current trends on global warming continue, everyone is going to need a few good cooling drinks. Assuming that is, there is any water left to make the ice with.

Cheers and Have a good weekend

#minimalist baker #cocktail #cucumber #global warming

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