Friday Night Cocktails: World Cocktail Day

Gentle readers, we do not wish to be gloomy. But the prospect from our window is a bit depressing. Wars, inflation, hunger, quarrels….we desperately need something to bring us all together, don’t we? Something to find our common humanity. What better than a really good cocktail?

To this end we are proud to help celebrate World Cocktail Day, 13th May. And no better website could there be than NDTV food and its excellent writer Neha Grover who clearly knows one end of a shaker from another. (we forgot this once and you should have seen the mess!) Neha not only has ten lip-smacking concoctions for you, but they can all be made in less than 15 minutes, or so it is claimed. How much drinking time does that free up?

So get into your bar tonight and mix up something from Neha’s list [1] Then sit back amd join, spiritually at least, with your cocktail confreres all over the world. Happy Friday!

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