You all liked World Government, so here’s some more

We got so many hits yesterday with our “World Government” musings that we decided to throw you some more. And written by better people. So here’s some thoughts from Margaret McMillan in the Guardian [1] and Wikipedia [2], always a standby in dark times.

It’s not that we are starry-eyed converts to the idea. We see the problems with it, and we will certainly come back to them in later posts. These texts are jumping off points and we hope you will read beyond them.

So far the nation state has served us well-there’s no denying that. Yet there are so many problems which a world government would solve so much better. From technological problems like global warming and new medicines to economic ones like chronic inequality. And medical ones, such as the case of Mr Putin. And one other thing. Many current nations grew by the fusion of what were once proud independent polities. France from the Fusion of Normandy, Anjou, Provence, Burgundy and the others. China was a set of autonomous states in the Spring and Autumn phase and then in the time of the warring Kingdoms. Yet no one would deny now it is China-and has done much better as a result.

There is so very much to think of-how a world Government could be achieved and sustained requires immense thought. But if the old model is as broken as it now seems, we should at least be casting around for alternatives.


be advised: even Wikipedia admit this has multiple issues


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