Weekly round up: Russia, Cats, space power, Seychelles and an appeal for help

things that caught our eye in the last seven days

This war started in 1998 According to Allan Little, who was there, the roots of our present troubles lie in the botched attempts to modernise Russia in the 1990s. They failed: the economy collapsed, Putin came to power and the death certificates of thousands of innocents were effectively signed.

Can Kitty go veggie? Probably not according to Pete Wedderburn of The Guardian. Your cat is an obligate carnivore, like many other creatures in the natural world. But read the article and judge for yourself.


Solar Power Stations in Space? Science Fiction writers from Isaac Asimov onwards have toyed with the idea of giant solar arrays in orbit beaming free energy down to earth. Jovana Radulovic of the Conversation explains how that possibility just got one step nearer:

More shells in the Seychelles For us, turtles and kin have always been one of the true wonders of the ocean. But human ignorance and greed have driven them almost to extinction. So we liked this heart-warming success from the beautiful Seychelle islands of the Indian Ocean. (For the record it’s joint effort between our regular chums Nature Briefings and the Conversation)

To make soup for European tables, green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Seychelles were once hunted almost to extinction. Now the species is thriving, thanks to the protection of Aldabra Atoll, a favourite turtle nesting ground, in 1968. Three researchers who took on the task of analysing decades of data about nesting females, tracked by the huge tractor-like trails they leave in the sand, describe how the conservation success was achieved.The Conversation | 5 min read

Help Ukraine here We haven’t always seen eye to eye with the Daily Mail. But financially speaking, it’s a completely honest organisation, which is why we chose them for our donation to Ukraine. Whatever your background politically please could you consider their donation page foryour contribution? The money is still desperately needed.


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